Our vision : take care of water with water and air

Let’s look on water. Water is everywhere. And water is the basis of life, its first support.

For many years, Nanotera Group has explored the properties and powers of water. Now, as specialists of the water universe, we consider water in all its dimensions, properties and usages, as an integrated flowing process.

The deep knowledge Nanotera has collected on water opens access to breakthrough technologies and significant improvements for existing technologies.

Our innovative range of water-related products and services work from surface to ground in any water source (dam, pond, tank, reservoir, river) through water eco-remediation. We utilise chemical-free cleaning technologies, including desalination and include lower running-costs, with very high efficiency and fresh water ratios.





Introducing ULTRA FINE BUBBLE technology - opening revolutionary new solutions for water treatment.


Learn more about our WASTE TO ENERGY zero-emission, state-of-art solutions to change world's waste problems.


Discover how our ENHANCED OIL RECOVERY environmental friendly solutions improve production yield and reduce operating costs.


Presenting our SOIL REMEDIATION and OIL DRILLING WASTE eco-friendly solutions for a cleaner and safer environment.