Nanotera Group favours responsible technologies to put in use, to conserve, to recycle valuable resources and remediate environmental threats. These include issues such as fracking & production water, inland oil spills, heavy metals removal, mining wastes, fertilizer chemical runoff of NPK, farm and dairy wastes and more.

Nanotera's BioSurfactants& BioSolvents for example are made from renewable feedstocks and offer sustainable, performance minded replacements for traditional chemicals used in many industries from Agriculture to Waste. 

Our technologies offer these safer, cost effective technologies to enhance aquaculture and agriculture production. Nanotera’s UFBs, and biosurfactant and biosolvent solutions can enhance growth and increase yields without sacrifice of product quality or nutrient values. By starting and growing a crop with Nanotera's natural technologies, immune function can be better supported, dissolved oxygen levels can be focused. Growing a healthier, stronger plant or fish can have many benefits and noticeable effects, such as the reduced use of pesticides, insecticides or traditional chemical fertilisers and a healthier final product to market.





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