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We share the common goal to deliver the most innovative, efficient, versatile and inspiring eco-technologies available to resolve water, power, waste and pollution challenges.

Almost all our solutions are the result of close collaboration, with partners from all the continents.

Do you have a technology or an invention you need to assess? Want to benefit of our water, environment, or energy solutions opportunities?

Our team can provide the full range of discrete business development services both for inventors and technology creators as well as for applicators, manufacturers or distributors.


Introducing ULTRA FINE BUBBLE technology - opening revolutionary new solutions for water treatment.


Learn more about our WASTE TO ENERGY zero-emission, state-of-art solutions to change world's waste problems.


Discover how our ENHANCED OIL RECOVERY environmental friendly solutions improve production yield and reduce operating costs.


Presenting our SOIL REMEDIATION and OIL DRILLING WASTE eco-friendly solutions for a cleaner and safer environment.