A new interbreeding species of coconut palms, optimized for bio fuel production

Hybrid coconut palms are an high-efficient solution to produce palm oil. Hybrid cococut palms produces three times more copra and fruits than ordinary coconut palms. CO2 absorption and biomass production are also three times higher.

Hybrid coconut palms (HCP) are the result of a deliberate crossbreed of coconut palms species. Around 400 species of coconut palms have been studied during the last 20 years to obtain HCP with desirable characteristics : increased yield, early maturity, adapted growing and resistance to diseases.

Benefits-oriented characteristics of the product

Hybrid coconut palms is a fully optimized and GMO free culture. The HCP oil is rich of fatty acids (C12), a key component of biofuels for instance. HCP produce 3 more fruits than average. And the HCP fruits contain 3 to 4 times more copra than in ordinary coconut palms fruits.

The productive life per plant is 25 years, with a first harvest after 3 years. The harvest may occur all year around, facilitated by the HCP size – 3 meters on average height comparing to 30 meters with ordinary coconut palm species and 20 meters for typical oil palm tree.

The compactness and robustess of HCP permits to withstand higher winds and extreme weather events, increases arable land efficiency and is agroforestry-compatible.

Energy efficiency Agriculture Biochemistry
  • More oil and biomass production capacity (x3)
  • Much biomass, less waste
  • Increased CO2 absorption
  • Earlier maturity, shortens production lead time
  • Increased year-round crop yield
  • Resistant to diseases and climate change events
  • Cutting-cost maintenance and harvest 
  • GMO-Free
  • High quality oil for biodiesel fuel production
  • Better capacity ratio due to faster reaction speed of HCP organic components
  • Organic fertilizers and pellets made of by-products




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