Nanotera BioSurfactants and BioSolvents

Nanotera BioSurfactants and BioSolvents are each a line of plant-based products for use in a variety of industries and applications. The applications range from use in the Water Industry, Oil & Gas, Renewables, Transportation, Hospitality, Agriculture and Waste sectors.Nanotera BioSurfactants and BioSolvents are derived from renewable and sustainable feedstocks such as corn, soy, citrus and other earth-grown vegetable and plant based products. Nanotera BioSurfactants are readily biodegradable. Our BioSolvents are 100% biodegradable to lactic acid and other organic compounds, consumed by micro-organisms in the soil or water. 


Our BioSurfactants have the natural ability to separate/mobilise oil from various surfaces without chemical alteration or damage to surfaces. The Nanotera BioSurfactants are efficient emulsifiers for long chain hydrocarbons such as petroleum and paraffinic waxes. They are used for creating semi-stable oil-in-water emulsion and when emulsion breaks, the hydrocarbons, water and solids separate in layers without causing any change to the structure of the hydrocarbons.


Nanotera offers a full line of of bio-based solvents derived from renewable resources including solvent blends that provide high performance as formulating ingredients, carrier solvents and/or cleaning solvents. These have excellent solvating ability for many resins, pigments, gums, soils, and fats, oils and greases.In most applications, performance can be enhanced by the addition of co-solvents and/or other ingredients. As a formulating ingredient, some of our products and blends provide high solvating capacity, thus enabling production of concentrated or high-solids products. As cleaning solvents, they are very effective against a wide variety of contaminants.


Nanotera BioSolvents provide advantages such as:

  • Safer than traditional chemical solvents
  • Biodegradable to lactic acid and other organic compounds
  • Environmentally sustainable, made from renewable feedstocks
  • Economically sustainable, feedstock volumes reduce costs
  • Low or No VOC's, Low vapor pressure, 
  • Provide excellent lubricity, penetration and wetting characteristics                
  • Do not require costly surfactants
  • No HAPs ( Hazardous Air Pollutants ) 
  • No Global Warming Compounds
  • Filterable and reusable
  • Safer to store and dispose of than traditional solvents

Nanotera BioSurfactants provide advantages such as: 

  • Lower toxicity  
  • Readily biodegradable   
  • Non-corrosive  
  • Non-carcinogenic  
  • Non-comedogenic to skin  
  • Non-reactive with chemicals
  • Non-flammable 
  • High flash points 
  • Highly filterable & reusable
  • Safer to use, safer to store & safer to dispose of



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