Enhanced aeration using UFBs for an innovative solution in surface water cleaning.

Surface water cleaning is one of the major issues in the environmental field.  Natural surface water is now overloaded by pollutants that natural micro-biology cannot cope with.  This leads to significant algal blooms.

To restore the ecosystems, Nanotera Group provides the most advanced aeration technologies with superior results: Ultra Fine Bubbles (UFBs) generators. UFBs have unique dissolving, attaching, infiltrating and stability properties, for which surface water cleaning is one of the most suitable applications, for cost-effective and eco-friendly solution.


  • Much better dissolution of oxygen due to high inner pressure:
  • stimulate and enhance natural biological treatment process
  • enhance oxidisation of pollutants
  • provide oxygen to the local lives
  • decrease nitrogen and phosphorus concentration
  • Small size and long life-span:
  • provide continuous effects
  • can infiltrate small cavities
  • Negative surface charge:
  • attach to the pollutants for an efficient floatation of suspended and settled solids
  • Algae removal
  • Destruction of algae and floatation of dead cells
  • Subsequent bad odour removal


  • No chemicals required
  • Fast-effect ; accelerating natural degradation and purifying process more   than simple aeration techniques
  • Ecofriendly : minimum man power, minimum noise and low consumption (reduce carbon footprint) Augmentation of indigenous microbial cultures and nutrient supplies with minimum disruption of the local environment.
  • In-situ treatment : no need of infrastructure construction, transport , nor pump water. Smoother and faster implementation & project start up.
  • Safe to operate, can be maintained for extended periods.
  • Reliable & easy to implement.



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