Executive Board

Our organisation relies on a team of cross-cultural experienced people. Our executive leaders and scientific advisers are committed to always find the best strategy, with visible results.

As global leaders in creative innovation, Nanotera Group  offers proven solutions that balance environmental and economic sustainability by conserving and preserving our precious resources while helping your business to thrive.

We are active in Europe, North America, South America, Commonwealth of Independant States (CIS, ex-USSR), Middle East, Africa, India, South East Asia.

Turker OZAN                         Founder 

Dr. Yunosuke MAKITA          C.T.O. Nanotera Group

Marcus Von POLACH            C.F.O.  /  Chief Legal Officer 

Joseph S. FARODOYE            Vice President 

Marek SZPENDOWSKI           VP Sales 

Dr. Hossain AHMADI             C.T.O. Nanotera Water 







Dr. Yunosuke Makita,   CTO Nanotera Group

Dr. Yunosuke Makita is a renown scientist in Japan. Graduated from Tokyo University, Dr. Makita spent time as fellow at the Max-Planck-Institute in Germany and has remarkable economic acumen. Makita has long been engaged in the development of semiconductor diodes for high-speed optical communication systems and day-lighting systems. In 1994, he began to initiate the research of β-FeSi2 globally as an environmentally friendly semiconductor in terms of the abundance of constituent atoms, Fe (iron) and Si (silicon) and their positive environmental footprint. He worked on high-efficient, low-cost thin film solar cells and thermoelectric devices to generate electricity utilizing the waste heat from automobile engines, boilers and incinerators. His focus has also been directed to the subject of high performance Li-based batteries.


Marcus von Polach,   C.F.O./Chief Legal Officer 

Marcus is an attorney-at-law with over 30 years experience in corporate, structured and project finance, as well as in managing corporate and project execution teams across the world. He worked on a large number of groundbreaking transactions with leading law firms in Germany and New York, an international financial institution, large corporations, private equity, as well as on many innovative cross-border and capital markets projects in various markets and sectors ranging in sizes between 5 million and 4 billion USD.


Joseph S. Farodoye,   Vice President

Joseph is a dedicated entrepreneur and business development specialist and is a post Media & Communications graduate with over 15 years of experience at Senior Board Level. Joseph has committed his life to business and sustainable investment and philanthropic causes, bringing people together to create a disruptive impact and positive change on a global scale. Joseph is a UN Consultant, MIPAD award-winner (100 most influential people of African descent in the world) and has been recognised as an authority and influential figure within several industries. Specialist in Sales, Business Development & High-Level Negotiation within the real estate, luxury, fashion, investment and cryptocurrency markets. 


Marek Szpendowski,   VP Sales

Marek Szpendowski was a successful big tv events and commercial producer, concert promoter and festivals producer during thirty years. In show business since 1979, Marek created in 1984 the Concert Agency & Polish Authors and Composers Association, and the Viva Art Music promotion company in 1990. Since 2009 Marek entered in the business of waste to energy technologies. he is in charge of our Waste technologies and  VP of Sales. 





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