Water and fluids activation, anti-oxidation reaction and material improvement by specific infrared wave exposure and resonance.

Terahertz emissions are electromagnetic waves within the infrared range of frequencies. Intensive R&D has been made on the basic properties of these specific invisible waves in the last 30 years, observing their range of influences on water molecules, materials and living beings, including animals, flowers, crops and humans.

Naturally radiated by any living beings and substances, aka proteins, nucleic acid, polysaccharide and other organic polymers composing any cells and living materials, FITR activates water molecules, affecting their molecular bond and releasing electrons. Thus, the enhanced electrons circulation reduce oxidation, improving blood circulation and balancing body temperature for example.

FITR is effective on a very large number of materials. First water, paints and alcohol (wine), but also metals with free electrons (CU, Al, Ti…). Minerals and crystalline structures, like silica, glasses, ceramics radiate also FITR. And any fibers like silk, cotton, linen, woods, papers, etc. also.

Therefore, Far Infrared Terahertz Resonance may have numerous industrial applications. It has been adopted in space observation, biometrics and airports ‘body scan’ security check systems. Food processing, agriculture, aquaculture, power savings, communication and medical sectors can use it.


NASA Studies of the Far Infrared radiation spectrum, especially 32-38 Terahertz frequency and resonance, showed a complete absorption by the human body, expanding capillaries of the skin and providing heat energy necessary to accelerate blood circulation. Consequently, stress oxydating molecules and toxins in the body and metabolic wastes out of the body are more easily disposed.

All materials radiate Far Infrared vibrational invisible energy. For same temperatureconditions, the amount of the electromagnetic radiation depends of the material and its surface condition. These bands and seals are passed through a state-of-the-art specific activation device to induce a specific frequency range FIT Resonance.

This material has no drawbacks, and can be use anywhere on the body, keep it at least 6 hours. To be more effective, powerseals can be use on specific points of the body as its guideline suggests it.

Energy Efficiency Food Processing / Wine Processing Agriculture / Aquaculture
  • 10 to 30 % electricity savings
  • Reflecting radiant heat from near infra red
  • Improve Air-con efficiency by 30 to 40 %
  • Give better electric conductivity to solids
  • Shorter charging time and extend lifetime of battery
  • Bactericide and fongicide effect
  • Longer preservation and freshness
  • Improving taste
  • Higher growing speed and survival ratio
  • Less sludge in aquaculture pond bottom
  • Increase in crop yield

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