Multi-crystalline PV cells manufactured by Baltic Solar Panels achieve up to 18 % better efficiency, thanks to Passivated Emitter Rear Cell (PERC) technology.

Glass modules can be fully customised for non-standard PV installations and building integrated projects. Nanotera offers a full spectrum of cell and lamination foil colours and a range of size and shape to fulfil ambitious architectural solutions.

Edge-sealing protective technology transfered from car-glass industry, provide long-term resistance to PV glass modules.

Baltic Solar Panels modules’ superior abilities satisfy the needs of the owners of standard roof-mounted, façade-mounted and ground-mounted PV installations.


  • 30+ year lifetime. 
  • Edge-sealant protection assures superior atmospheric and humidity resistance.
  • Back glass instead.
  • Back glass instead of plastic assures durability and robust protection against UV, moisture, ammonia and salt corrosion.
  • Higher heat dispensing.
  • Glass is better thermal conductor than plastic back-sheet in standard modules ensuring higher efficiency in hot climate.
  • 100% PID free cells.
  • Potential induced degradation is eliminated at cell level using PVB lamination foil.
  • Wider light spectrum absorbed.
  • PVB lamination foil utilises light spectrum starting from 280nm.



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