Nanotera W2E Biomass Solutions

Nanotera W2E provides a wide range of versatile solutions, in the field of biomass conversion, mainly using gasification and chemical processing.

We design biomass conversion facilities depending on the client’s capacity needs.  

Our technologies offer many different types of organic waste to be processed among green biomass, wood biomass  with cellulose, corn stalks, distillers, mouldings, extrusion waste from olive oil and wine production, energy crops, lignite, rubber, carbon mule, coal sludge, sewage sludge (dry), plastics, chicken manure from farms and animal manure, feathers.

The output of the process varies as heat, steam, hot water, electricity, thermal energy and/or fertilizer.

Our strength in biomass conversion comes from the wide range of products fulfilling nearly every aspect of our clients need with superior designs.

Highlights of Nanotera W2E Biomass Solutions

  • Versatile design, cost effective solution  
  • Capacities are determined by client needs
  • Wide variety of input, biomass types including primary, secondary, and tertiary sources.
  • Different types of outputs such as heat, steam, hot water, power and fuels.
  • Reduce fossil foot print, provide safe and clean renewable energy.
  • Short simple payback times (SPBT)
  • No post-fermentation sludge to be ”disposed of”



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