Global Agriculture: Greenhouse, Hydroponic and Traditional Framing with Ultra Fine Bubbles

Ultra-Fine Bubbles (UFBs) are one solution for enhanced food production without the cumulative use of potentially dangerous chemicals and fertilizers. 

Farmers in many countries of the South East Asia region use UFB generators to produce UFB water with a high concentration of dissolved oxygen. This UFB water was used with their vegetables and fruits as the main water supply. 

Clear differences in size and volume can be observed between crops produced with UFB water and without UFB in the water supply. UFB water support showed increases in size and volume of crops while providing a healthier and safer production environment with little or no need of traditional chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides.

Nanotera Group provides UFBs generators for the agriculture industry with the aim of enhanced crop yields, grown in a healthier, safer and more sustainable environment.


  • Safer and more natural means for crop yield enhancement.
  • Noticeable increase in individual plant size and volume of crops.
  • No chemicals required, UFBs stimulate and enhance the natural biological treatment process.  ( Some countries mandate the use of crop related chemicals. Please follow your country specific laws, rules and regulations as they apply to your Agriculture and Farming operations )



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