Nanotera Group’s drinking water products

Nanotera Group is actively participating in the development of drinkable water related products that have many health benefits.

Nano Oxygen Water is drinking water in which Ultra Fine Bubbles (UFBs) of oxygen have been introduced. In the same way as for plants and vegetables which growth is enhanced, we believe that by providing more oxygen in the human body through the unique UFBs’ properties, human health can have great benefits. These can be : stimulated activity, enhanced recovery after physical activity, or enhanced healing of injuries.

Super Hybrid Water is pure water produced from raw water that was previously filtrated with RO membranes to remove pollutants, and in which electrical energy was introduced after the treatment process. This water showed some unique effects on living bodies, such as rejuvenation of vegetables, rejuvenation of human body, enhanced healing and prevention from diseases or injuries.

Why choosing NT solutions?

Nanotera Group is aiming to make further development around water and discover many other interesting properties that can improve quality of life.



Introducing ULTRA FINE BUBBLE technology - opening revolutionary new solutions for water treatment.


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Presenting our SOIL REMEDIATION and OIL DRILLING WASTE eco-friendly solutions for a cleaner and safer environment.