An innovative surface water cleaning systems: UFB AirMill series

As industrialization continuously widens its footprint, natural surface water are now overloaded by pollutants that the natural micro-biology cannot cope with.

High amounts of nutritious elements such as nitrogen and phosphorus are released every day; this leads to a significant algal bloom, that has extremely harmful effects to the local ecosystems:

  • They consume the oxygen to the detriment of the other species
  • They cover the surface of the water body and as a consequence, aquatic plants cannot do photosynthesis
  • They generate strong odours.

Surface water cleaning is one of the major issues in the environmental field, and Ultra fine bubbles (UFBs) represents cost effective and eco-friendly method to restore the ecosystems.

UFB systems produce ULTRA FINE BUBBLES  through an efficient mixing of air and water in a circular shearing device. These UFBs have unique dissolving, attaching, infiltrating and stability properties, for which surface water cleaning is one of the main applications as UFB’s full potential can be exploited.


  • No chemicals required
  • Low energy consumption

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