A natural solution using extraordinary water properties: Ultra Fine Bubbles

The visible bubbles that are observed in daily life, such as in fizzy drinks (mm range), have large diameter that make them rise and burst. Bubbles in the range of 10 to 100 μm (micron, equal to 1/1000 mm) called fine bubbles (FBs), have very slow rising speed and can still be observed in the cloudy aspect of the water.

Ultra fine bubbles (UFBs) are gas bubbles whose size is below 100 nm (1/10,000 mm, proportion of a coin compared to Eiffel tower!) and are invisible to the eyes.

They have very peculiar characteristics that can be used in many fields : water and wastewater treatment, surface water cleaning, soil remediation, agriculture and aquaculture.

NT provides technologies producing high concentrations of these UFBs of any gas, for eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions adapted to the needs of the customers.


  • Help the growth of aerobic microbes
  • Decompose sludge at water bottom
  • Remove bad & offensive smell
  • Stimulate self purification to recover clean water environment
  • Oxidation and reduction of organic compounds, eliminating floating blue-green microbes
  • Supplying oxygen to bottom water
  • Resolve excess nutritious matters
  • Improve quality of water without destroying water environment


  • Water and wastewater treatment: 
  • Biological process enhancement
  • Reduction of waste sludge
  • Enhanced removal of recalcitrant pollutant
  • Enhanced backwash
  • Odour removal
  • Floatation of pollutants
  • Surface water cleaning:
  • Enhanced aeration/oxygenation of water
  • Algae removal, Nitrogen and Phosphorus reduction
  • Floatation of pollutants, suspended and settled solids
  • Soil remediation
  • Agriculture:
  • Crop growth promotion
  • Aquaculture:
  • Oxygen supply
  • Fish/Seafood growth promotion
  • Floatation of suspended solids
  • Semi-conductor industry:
  • Seperation of solar cell wafer



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