Our Group

We, the NanoTera Group (NTG), combine talented people, expertises and cutting-edge technologies, to provide optimized solutions to environmental challenges, especially in the field of water. We have worldwide activities in water, wastewater, waste treatment and energy efficiency. 

NTG latest technological achievements eliminate the usage of chemicals in water treatment. NTG Ultra-Fine-Bubble (UFB) technologies clean water in ponds, pools, rivers, dams, reservoirs, lakes, tap water without any chemicals. Our network allows to deal with any water related challenges and projects.

The innovative and easy to implement bio-inspired solutions we provide are sources of reliable, efficient and economical benefits, from local ecosystems to agriculture, food and beverage processing, and our customers' local communities.

Industrial responsive ecosystem

As an integrated worldwide organisation, we connect companies that cover technology transfer, research and development and manufacturing capacity. NTG continuously assesses new technologies, methods, products, and tools which can contribute to reduce ecological footprint, improve energy, environmental and financial return on investment, and enhance quality of life.

From nanophysics to quantum chemistry, we aggregate discrete technologies from over the world, networking hundreds of academic scientists, independant inventors and technical consultants of various sectors and universities mixing inspiring knowledges and open-minded solutions.

Technology transfer

Technology transfer is achieved through our scientific and technical platforms either by way of licensing, manufacturing or by a joint collaboration with regional representatives or distributors.

When a promising new technology needs some final stage development or complementary research, NTG relies on its competent team and strong network of technical consultants and institutes.


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