Pollution Analysis with Geostatistics Software

Geostatistics helps to improve the characterization of contaminated sites and to adjust the cleaning strategy. Geostatistics allows a coherent analysis of the data collected in every stage of characterization of contaminated site by a statistical treatment of data-related to location.

The Software uses functions of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) for precise positioning of installations, target zones or sampling points and for map displays.. 

The airborne gamma-ray spectrometer is designed for the detection and measurement of different levels of contaminations.

The tool’s advanced technology and software techniques provide laboratory levels of spectral data performance that were previously unachievable on airborne platforms, assuring the highest quality data to the user.


  • Visualize the pollution migration for better and easy understanding of concentration of pollutants
  • Valuate your data by a secure quality process
  • Optimize sampling strategy and investigation cost
  • Quantify precisely the amount of polluted land and water
  • Evaluate different decontamination scenarios according to the risk to excavate healthy soils or leave the contaminated soils in place.

Related Applications

Bioremediation of soil
  • Estimate the contamination level in soils or former facilities,
  • Identify under-sampled, highly-variable or problematic areas over the site,
  • Characterize soil contamination for brown field evaluations.


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