• Nanotera Group sets never-seen cost reduction opportunities for water treatment and desalination Mar 25 2016

    NTG showcases for the first time at the International Water Summit 2016, in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, five different technologies, opening a new era of incomparable results in water treatment and desalinisation.

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  • Nanotera Group shows power of ionized oxygen at IWS 2016 Dec 01 2015

    Nanotera Group (NTG) will feature for the first time in IWS 2016 a new revolutionary and energy-saving dewater solution, to transform any organic waste and residues into a fertilizer powder.

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  • Nanotera Group solutions highlighted at IWS 2016 Dec 01 2015

    Nanotera Group (NTG) will premiere its line-up of innovative products and technologies at the International Water Summit (IWS 2016), scheduled in Abu Dhabi, in January 2016, 18th to 21th. IWS is a global trade meeting point, from entrepreneurs to policy makers, developing solution for water sustainability in arid regions.

    Innovative water treatment without needs of chemicals

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  • Nanotera Group leading with Ultra-Fine Bubbles at IWS 2016 Dec 01 2015

    For the first time, NTG will present Ultra-Fine Bubbles technologies at the International Water Summit 2016, opening a new era in water treatment. Ultra-Fine Bubbles (UFBs) technologies can clean water in ponds, pools, rivers, dams, reservoirs, lakes, tap water without any additional chemicals or filters.

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