Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) with Nanotera BioSurfactants & BioSolvents

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) methods are typically used to increase the amount of extracted crude in an oil field. The worldwide average recovery factor for a typical oilfield is roughly 40%. As a result a large amount of known and identified oil is left behind.

Injection of various chemicals in oil wells is one of the preferred methods in EOR. Chemicals are usually added with the injection water as dilute solutions ultimately to to aid mobility and lower the interfacial tension and/or capillary pressure. The objective here is the increase of crude oil production in othernearby wells.

Nanotera BioSurfactants & BioSolvents formulations improve the crude oil mobility and oil reservoir percolation. The use of traditional chemicals for the treatment of a hydrocarbon polluted site may contaminate the environment with their by-products, making cleanup and environmental compliance an even greater challenge. Nanotera's plant-based BioSurfactants & BioSolvents can help make EOR more productive, cost effective and efficient. Nanotera BioSolutions are economically and environmentally sustainable, help optimize target production, conserve valuable  resources such as water and energy and can increase stakeholder value.

Why Nanotera Group's Biosolutions?

Nanotera BioSurfactants & BioSolvents provide economic and environmental advantages such as:

  • Safer for the environment, safer to use
  • Safer and easier to recycle/reuse or dispose of
  • Cost-competitive
  • Recyclable
  • Scalable for large volume production  
  • Produced from renewable, natural feedstocks
  • Economically sustainable
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Performance under extreme conditions
  • Similarly effective as traditional chemical products
  • Non-reactive biosurfactants, performance tested biosolvents
  • Client supported, product supported R&D teams



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