The evolution of renewable energy development and commercialisation over the past decade has surpassed all expectations. 

Climate change and global warming concerns, coupled with increasing government support in renewable energy legislation and incentives, are the driving force behind the global increase in installed capacity and production from all renewable technologies.

Nanotera Group provides innovative solutions in the fields of solar energy and bio fuel production. We continue to assess and develop our technologies , to  be able to provide the most enhanced and state of the art solutions to our customers. 


  • First and foremost, renewable energy produces little or no waste residues such as carbon dioxide or chemical pollutants, leading to a minimal impact on the environment.
  • Renewable energy  is sustainable and therefore will never run out.
  • Less maintenance is required when compared to traditional generators, reducing maintenance costs 
  • Fuel from renewable systems are being derived from natural and available resources reducing the costs of operation.
  • Renewable energy projects bring economic benefits & development of employment at many rural areas, as most projects are located away from large urban centres



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