Drilling Waste Treatment by Nanotera W2E BioSurfactants & BioSolvents

The main components of the drilling waste are cuttings, excess drilling fluids, hydrocarbons and water and are mostly categorized as hazardous waste. The disposal of these wastes are, in most locations around the world, highly regulated. The solids in the drill cuttings are usually separated and the cleaned off drill mud residue, as well as the produced water are usually cleaned at considerable costs.

By using Nanotera W2E, Nanotera BioSurfactants & BioSolvents, a better management of the generated waste would be provided by a minimising of the environmental impact and hazardous effects of the drilling waste.


  • Safe disposal of solids after treatment
  • Recovery of hydrocarbons present in the drill cuttings & waste
  • Cost effective, fast and reliable treatment of the generated waste



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