Nanotera Group sets never-seen cost reduction opportunities for water treatment and desalination

Up to +25 % efficiency

The NTG technologies offer reduced cost, easy implementation, less waste, less maintenance, no additives, faster process, energy savings, high durability and improved operating time water-related solutions.

For desalinisation for example, the NTG typical solution, by combining only two of the NTG exclusive technologies, provides a very high fresh water ratio of 80%, a typical 15% increase in the operating time, and up to 20 % to 25% energy efficiency.

More over, the NTG technologies are flexible and can be designed and personalised to integrate existing installations and buildings, improving the overall process and benefits.

Advantages of Ultra-Fine Bubbles applied to SWROS

Ultra Fine Bubbles generator we develop provides incredible contributions both on the sea water reverse osmosis desalination systems (SWROS) and on the waste water treatment systems.

• Between 20 % to 25 % of energy efficiency

• Significant reduction in scale formation and use of anti-scaling agent

• Effective operating time increase up to 15 %

• Disinfection effect, decreasing in disinfection chemical usage

• Emiir ceramic balls additional anti-scaling effect

Quote from Mr. T.Ozan, Chairman of Nanotera Group

“For our first time here, at IWS 2016, we are proud to show our full range ofsystems and technologies. We can deliver customised systems and can swiftly retrofit existing systems to optimize performance and increase membrane longevity at reduced cost.”

Who is Nanotera Group ?

Nanotera Group combines talented people, expertise and cutting-edge technologies, to provide optimised solutions to environmental challenges, especially in the field of water.

We have worldwide activities in water, wastewater, waste treatment, oil recovery and energy efficiency. 

NTG’s innovative quantum chemistry and nanophysics are easy to implement technologies and provide sustainable bio-inspired clean, integrated solutions, with reliable, efficient and economical benefits.

To know more about us?

We have many more eco-technologies for water, waste, energy efficiency, agriculture, aquaculture and food processing.

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