Nanotera Group solutions highlighted at IWS 2016

Nanotera Group (NTG) will premiere its line-up of innovative products and technologies at the International Water Summit (IWS 2016), scheduled in Abu Dhabi, in January 2016, 18th to 21th. IWS is a global trade meeting point, from entrepreneurs to policy makers, developing solution for water sustainability in arid regions.

Innovative water treatment without needs of chemicals

NTG Ultra-Fine-Bubble (UFB) latest technological achievements eliminate the usage of chemicals in water treatment. The UFB AirMill range of products technologies cleans water in ponds, pools, rivers, dams, reservoirs, lakes, tap water without adding any harmful chemicals and allows to deal with any water related challenges and projects.

Waste to energy efficient solutions

Our zero-emission, state-of-art waste to energy systems capacities range from kilograms to thousands of tons a day. Our PAWDS solution is for instance the most compact and safest high temperature plasma-based waste treatment system, able to produce excess electricity.

The AlphaGaia dewater system exploits the natural power of active oxygen to decompose organic residues into a fertilizer powder, allowing local and decentralized scale treatment with extremely low energy consumption. The AlphaGaia systems has huge potential on oil and industry-related waste, drill cuts, tar and sludges.

NTG has also plant-based non contaminant solvents and surfactants to enhance oil recovery, tank & pipeline cleaning and soil remediation.

Quote from T. Ozan, Chairman of Nanotera Group

“In the last 10 years we, Nanotera Group, have collected and connected many different ‘invisible’ sciences and technologies, assessing their potential with water. Now, the market is ready to explore new options. Showcasing our full range of products at IWS 2016 will let partners see how our solutions are safer as well easy to implement and operate, drastically reducing the running costs.”

Who is Nanotera Group ?

Nanotera Group combines talented people, expertises and cutting-edge technologies, to provide optimized solutions to environmental challenges, especially in the field of water.

We have worldwide activities in water, wastewater, waste treatment, oil recovery and energy efficiency. 

NTG’s innovative quantum chemistry and nanophysics easy to implement technologies provide sustainable bio-inspired clean, integrated solutions, with reliable, efficient and economical benefits.

To know more about us ?

We have many more eco-technologies for water, waste, energy efficiency, agriculture, aquaculture and food processing.

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