YBM Foam Jet / FABY Systems

Enhanced water purification based on high concentration of ultra fine bubbles of any gas.

The YBM’s Foam jet and Faby systems produce water with high concentration of ultra fine bubble (UFB) gas bubbles. These UFB bubbles can be made from any gas : air, oxygen, ozone for example.

Through an efficient mixing process based on cavitation phenomenon and Coandă effect, the production of these bubbles leads to an enhanced aeration of the liquid compared to standard aeration method.

Specific features:

  • Enhanced aeration of liquid
  • UFB Bubbles that can contain any kind of gas
  • Structure that does not get clogged easily, so easy maintenance
  • Wide treatment capacities, from 0.6 to 960 m3/h
  • Highly reactive bubbles (with bubble diameter of approx. 100 nm) can be produced on demand

Water treatment 




  • Surface Water cleaning
  • Enhanced biological wastewater treatment, less odour
  • Enhanced oxidation of chemical compounds
  • Improves backwash of water treatment membranes


  • Soil remediation

Agriculture / Aquaculture


  • Fish growth promotion, floatation of pollutants
  • Plant growth promotion




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