Heavy Metals removal system: TERRAST

TERRAST is a coagulation process that removes heavy metals from water. This is an innovative circulation process, as the media in which water flows through is made of specially treated carbon that comes from recycled wood waste and aluminium.

When water flows in the media, an electric current is generated between carbon and aluminium. From the aluminium, activated aluminium ion is eluted, which is a coagulant that is more powerful than standard coagulant such as polyaluminium chloride (PAC).

TERRAST is then suitable for the removal of heavy metals at low concentration, that are difficult to remove with conventional coagulation – flocculation – sedimentation processes. The system’s implementation and maintenance is easy, and has the advantage of offering low capital and operating cost.


  • More powerful than standard coagulant
  • Easy implementation and maintenance
  • Low investment and running costs



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