Nanotera Group Reverse Osmosis Systems

Nanotera Group proposes reverse osmosis filtration systems for reliable production of drinking water or pure water for industrial purposes, from sea water, natural raw water or tap water.

The systems can be presented under various forms. From very small and compact systems to big and robust systems, Nanotera Group can cope with various needs in terms of flow, locations and purposes, for example:

  • Desalination for drinking water production in ships,
  • Ultra Pure water for food or pharmaceutical industry, 
  • Compact mobile drinking water production unit in case of emergency/disaster, 
  • Mobile drinking water production unit in truck for isolated locations, 
  • Very compact and mobile desalination unit that can be transported by one person(!)

For the desalination case, Nanotera Group can propose reverse osmosis systems with significantly increased performance and cost-efficiency, by combining them with Ultra Fine Bubbles (UFBs).

Reverse osmosis systems, processing 1,500t/d of water for one of the Japanese leading electronic components manufacturing companies.

Mobile drinking water production unit in case of emergency situations

Key Features:

Nanotera Group can cope with various needs in terms of flows, locations and purposes, and propose systems with enhanced performance and cost effectiveness.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a membrane filtration process that involves semi-permeable membranes, which means only the solvent (most of the time water) flows through the membranes and not the solute. This property creates the osmosis phenomenon.

When two solutions with different solute content are separated by this membrane, water will tend to flow through the membrane from the solution with lower concentration to the one with higher concentration, in order to balance the concentrations.

If a pressure that is high enough to make the water flow towards the opposite direction is applied, we have the reverse osmosis. 



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