Nanotera Group in potable water production

Growing population, more stringent regulations, consumer health and expectations, natural resource preservation and cost effectiveness are the main issues in potable water production.

Nanotera Group supports municipalities by providing innovative cutting-edge technologies, for a continuous reliability in drinking water production, taking into account the above considerations.

Why choose Nanotera Group solutions?

  • Among the most advanced in the market with very high quality
  • Improves cost-effectiveness 
  • Includes significant environmental considerations (maximum reduction of chemicals, preservation of resources)



Introducing ULTRA FINE BUBBLE technology - opening revolutionary new solutions for water treatment.


Learn more about our WASTE TO ENERGY zero-emission, state-of-art solutions to change world's waste problems.


Discover how our ENHANCED OIL RECOVERY environmental friendly solutions improve production yield and reduce operating costs.


Presenting our SOIL REMEDIATION and OIL DRILLING WASTE eco-friendly solutions for a cleaner and safer environment.