Nanotera Group shows power of ionized oxygen at IWS 2016

Nanotera Group shows power of ionized oxygen at IWS 2016
Press release, Dec. 1st, 2015

Nanotera Group (NTG) will feature for the first time in IWS 2016 a new revolutionary and energy-saving dewater solution, to transform any organic waste and residues into a fertiliser powder.

This optimised solution, labelled AlphaGaia, exploits the natural power of active oxygen to treat and decompose the organic matter.

Negatively-charged Oxygen to transform organic waste

This unique and extremely compact technology uses no thermal energy, and no ozone and no bacteria, nor alkaline or electrolysation but negatively charged ionized oxygen, to fully dewater any organic materials.

AlphaGaia can effortlessly treat and decompose excess sludges, blue-green micro-algae, meat, domestic, hospitality and food industry waste into an odourless organic powder, with no micro-organisms because of the antibacterial effect of the Alpha Gaia’s radical oxygen generator.

A Space-derived compact and flexible solution

Derived from advanced space industry innovation, the Alpha Gaia system is an easy-to-use and mobile technology with extremely low energy consumption, providing modular, decentralised and scalable solutions to small to medium sized installations, saving running costs.

Quote from T. Ozan, Chairman of Nanotera Group

“The AlphaGaia solution comes from space industry to benefit to soil, nurturing soils and plants with an organic powder enriched with basic nutrients. Also, its compactness and low energy consumption opens up wonderful opportunities for cruise-liners, restaurants and distant hospitality sites, concerned by autonomy challenges.”

Who is Nanotera Group ?

Nanotera Group combines talented people, expertise and cutting-edge technologies, to provide optimised solutions to environmental challenges, especially in the field of water.

We have worldwide activities in water, wastewater, waste treatment, oil recovery and energy efficiency. 

NTG’s innovative quantum chemistry and nanophysics are easy to implement technologies and provide sustainable bio-inspired clean, integrated solutions, with reliable, efficient and economical benefits.

To know more about us ?

We have many more eco-technologies for water, waste, energy efficiency, agriculture, aquaculture and food processing.

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