Nanotera Group leading with Ultra-Fine Bubbles at IWS 2016

Nanotera Group leading with Ultra-Fine Bubbles at IWS 2016
Press release, Dec. 1st, 2015

For the first time, NTG will present Ultra-Fine Bubbles technologies at the International Water Summit 2016, opening a new era in water treatment. Ultra-Fine Bubbles (UFBs) technologies can clean water in ponds, pools, rivers, dams, reservoirs, lakes, tap water without any additional chemicals or filters.

UFB : an efficient and swift technology to clean water

The methods of water purification using fine bubbles have been developed and recognised in the recent years as useful for various applications. Two basic methods of aeration are known, depending of the size of the bubbles of gases: fine bubbles (FBs) or ultra fine bubbles (UFBs < 1 micron).

The production of these bubbles leads to an enhanced aeration of the liquid compared to standard aeration method. UFB have many applications: wastewater treatment, surface water cleaning and ecosystem restoration (including soil remediation), agriculture and aquaculture.

The supply of natural tiny gases offers a significant decrease in sludge and odour problems of wastewater, an enhanced decomposition of recalcitrant chemicals, and the removal of floating algae in open water surfaces. Significant improvements in fish and plant growths are observed.

A range of scalable and multi-purposes UFB solutions

  • AirMill Foam Jet : UFB of any gases, from 3 to 960 m3 / hr
  • AirMill Galf :  UFB for surface and soil remediation
  • AirMill J-1 : UFB for large area polluted water
  • AirMill MK1 :  Macro, fine and ultra-fine bubbles on demand

Quote from T. Ozan, Chairman of Nanotera Group

“Ultra-Fine Bubbles technologies are an extremely efficient solution, faster, safer and cheaper than standard water treatment, to improve the quality of water by the natural power of tiny gas bubbles, without using additional products or chemicals potentially harmful for the water environment.”

Who is Nanotera Group ?

Nanotera Group combines talented people, expertise and cutting-edge technologies, to provide optimised solutions to environmental challenges, especially in the field of water.

We have worldwide activities in water, wastewater, waste treatment, oil recovery and energy efficiency. 

NTG’s innovative quantum chemistry and nanophysics are easy to implement technologies and provide sustainable bio-inspired clean, integrated solutions, with reliable, efficient and economical benefits.

To know more about us?

We have many more eco-technologies for water, waste, energy efficiency, agriculture, aquaculture and food processing.

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