Nanotera Group in Desalination: a significant reduction of operating expenses

Nanotera Group is able to provide desalination solutions based on Reverse Osmosis membranes, with much better performance and cost-effectiveness. 

By combining only two of the NTG exclusive technologies, our NTG Desalination solutions provides a very high fresh water ratio of 80%, a typical 15% increase in the operating time, and up to 20 % to 25% energy efficiency.

Nanotera Desalination Systems sustains also longer lifetime, without the need of changing membranes, thanks to its state of the art Clean In Place (CIP) & Auto Flushing features.

More over, the NTG technologies are flexible and can be designed and personalised to integrate existing installations and buildings, improving the overall process and benefits, and offering reduced cost, easy implementation, less waste, less maintenance, no additives, faster process, energy savings, high durability and improved operating time.


Combining Ultra Fine Bubbles (UFBs) generators with Sea Water Reverse Osmosis System (SWROS) provides incomparable results in water treatment and desalination:

  • Between 20 % to 25 % of energy efficiency

  • Significant reduction in scale formation and use of anti-scaling agent

  • Reduction of maintenance process time, effective operating time increase up to 15 %

  • Disinfection effect, decreasing in disinfection chemical usage 

The use of Emiir ceramic ball adds to ant-scaling effect, improving membranelongevity at reduced cost.

These cumulative effects result in a significant reduction of total operating expenses. Please contact our team for further details with regard to these benefits.


In addition to SWROS with higher performance and cost-effectiveness, Nanotera Group can also supply mobile drinking water production units from sea water in case there is a need for drinking water in locations where there is no infrastructure, or in case of emergency and disaster situations in which people lost access to potable water.

These are desalination units stored in a truck that runs with solar and wind energy, or very small portable desalination units that can even be transported by individuals, powered by solar energy and car battery.

Compact desalination unit, producing 70t/d of drinking water in a ship

Mobile desalination unit, powered by solar energy and diesel generator


Some of our others products hold great promises to furthermore improve desalination performance. Our Alpha Gaia solution for example is looking for partners to test its full potential applied to desalinisation.



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