Nanotera Ion Exchange Resin Systems

Ion exchange resin systems are used for removing minerals or reducing the hardness of water via trapping unwanted ions and releasing others, which can be backwashed later.

While Ion exchange demineralisation is a two-step process involving treatment with both cation and anion exchange resins, in the water softening process only Strong Acid Cation (SAC) Resins are involved.

Efficiency of a system is in close relation with the design criteria. In that sense, Nanotera Group designs its systems based on this precise analysis, developing ion exchange resin systems unique to each client.

By assessing and harmonizing the capacity needed by the client, energy consumption and infrastructure requirements , Nanotera Group specifically aim at reducing energy consumption and cost, as well as minimizing environmental impacts without compromising high ratio product water.


  • Unique system design based on comprehensive analysis
  • Expertise in selection of quality resin, tank and automation valves
  • System design superiority to prevent design flaws
  • Decreased operation costs as with better regeneration process
  • Low rinse water demand leading environmental friendly solution
  • Precise Adjustment of regeneration steps



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