Nanotera Group in ultra pure water production

Nanotera group, through one of its main partners Authen-tec, specialising in membrane processes, is able to provide pure water for industries, based on reverse osmosis systems.

Nanotera Group’s membrane systems can produce pure water for:

  • Food and beverage industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry & hospitals
  • Cosmetics
  • Research laboratories
  • Electronic component manufacturing
  • Retail and hospitality areas such as hotel, restaurant, supermarket or leisure areas

Reverse osmosis systems can also be combined with electro deionisation process to produce ultra-pure water for industries that require such water quality:

  • Semi-conductor industry
  • Medical product manufacturing
  • Power plants’ boiler
  • Chemical plants

Pure water production unit for industrial purposes: food & beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals etc.



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