Gas Liquid Foam (GALF)

Enhanced water purification based on high concentrations of ultra fine bubbles of any gas

The Gas Liquid Foam (GALF) technology is an easy and scalable solution to form Ultra fine bubbles (UFBs) in a liquid. It is based on the Venturi effect : successive compression and decompression chambers accelerate and slow down the velocity of a liquid, modifying its static pressure. Gas is injected during depression, and it is then dissolved in the liquid during pressurisation. One last pressure drop generates tiny bubbles in the liquid, oversaturated of gases.

This system is scalable and can be applied on many fields : from floatation of pollutants to soil remediation, plant growth promotion, and solar cell wafer separation in the semi-conductor industry.

Specific features:

  • Generates large volume of bubbles 
  • Pressurised tank not required
  • Gas pumping power not required
  • Does not stick easily, easy maintenance
  • Flexible system construction, from 0,2 to 13 m3/h

Water treatment 




  • Surface Water cleaning
  • Enhanced biological wastewater treatment, less odour
  • Enhanced oxidation of chemical compounds
  • Improves backwash of water treatment membranes


  • Soil remediation

Agriculture / Aquaculture


  • Fish growth promotion, floatation of pollutants
  • Plant growth promotion




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