Environmental Recycling System (ERS)

In a time where municipalities are under-pressure due to the need of cost-efficient and sustainable solutions for their waste, Nanotera Group provides an environmental friendly solution using the power of indigenous bacteria that has been already approved for a long time.

This technology named ERS, made Nanotera the world leader in organic waste treatment. The ERS technology of NT is a high speed fermentation & drying system employing indigenous microbes. These microbes decompose the raw material (sludge, food waste and all organics) in a low pressure environment, in which the water boiling temperature is reduced to 50-70 degrees for a rapid drying. High quality fertilizers, animal feeds and fuel are the products after treatment with ERS.

The microbes used for the process are selected and cultivated from local soil near the installation, and there is no need to refill microbes in the tank once the operation started.


  • Simple to use, with no pre-process and odour treatment device

  • Easy maintenance

  • Low footprint

  • Drying process reduces significantly the volume of the end product

  • High quality product (fertilizers, animal feeds, fuels)

  • Flexibility (Possibility to collect phosphorus, CO2 reduction, combination with conventional properties, and many other possibilities)

  • Environmental friendly, with the use of indigenous microbes

  • Scalable: from small size for private houses as a plug-in unit, until custom-made system for industrial use.



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