Anti-scaling and anti-corrosion solution: Emiir

Emiir is a ceramic ball media filtration system, where water – from tap water to industrial water - flows upwards through a montmorillonite ceramic ball media.

The Emiir technology does not remove particles from water. It is a system that changes water molecular properties, by forming positively charged water molecules clusters. This improves water’s penetration and cleaning abilities, anti-oxidant and bacteriostatic properties.

The outlet water is also able to progressively remove scale and rust that appears on the surface of water related infrastructures without external intervention.

Very easy to implement, with no major maintenance works, Emiir has a very high cost effectiveness. No chemicals are required, reducing environmental impacts.


  • Significantly reduced maintenance
  • Improved cost performance of water related device (e.g. cooling or heating systems)
  • Eco-friendly solution that does not require any chemicals
  • Minimum disturbance to surroundings


  • Tap water supply pipe / Tap water storage tanks
  • Cooling towers / Heat exchangers
  • Humidifier
  • Toilet and wastewater collecting pipes (Emiir’s effect on water solve also bad odours and urinary deposit problems)



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